TS Data Cloud

TechScape Data Cloud fuses system development, application integration, cloud technologies and environment operations into a lean, agile and continuous service stream. TechScape Data Cloud speeds up the delivery, unlocks efficiencies, reduces costs, reduces time to customer feedback, minimizes disruption, and enables organizations to seize market opportunities.

TechScape leverage the latest technologies, innovations and expertise up and down the IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS stack to create highly secure and compliant environments that will scale to your organization’s needs and deliver a differentiated end user experience with an increased capacity to manage risk and innovate.
TechScape Data Cloud tools and services are proven, measureable and simple to deploy for the requirements of the enterprise looking to automate, scale and see true positive ROI and TCO outcomes.TechScape streamlines the deployment and implementation process providing automation technology tools and services to our customers with the fastest implementations and lowest cost of ownership.

As industry technology products and services have evolved to an operational utility model in the cloud (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS) so has TechScape’s innovative approach and professional services. For complete documentation Click here.

Private / Public Cloud

Whether requiring a simple extension of your existing infrastructure, a complete transformation or somewhere in between, TS Data Cloud will work with you to customise the best Cloud service for your business and needs and help you meet the next generation of your business challenges.

Some organisations needing higher security require a separate Cloud-based environment that only you can operate. TechScape will design, build and operate a scalable Cloud environment built on infrastructure dedicated exclusively for your organisation.

With our Public Cloud service, you get reliability, agility and security. TechScape’s on-demand, self-service Cloud is designed to meet your organisational requirements while delivering a flexible solution that focuses on accessibility and cost-effectiveness. Perfect for any enterprise that want the benefits of Cloud and feels comfortable on a shared platform.



An intuitive web based user interface and a robust REST-based APIs that allows full control and administration of your cloud based servers and storage.

Granular control of resources

Cloud Servers can be configured on the fly, allowing customisation of CPU, memory and storage on servers without having to create a new instance.

Comprehensive management

TS Cloud is managed and operated by TechScape on your behalf. Systems management (operating system patching, maintenance, software upgrades) is included in the service suite.

Fast implementation

we provide global procurement, delivery and implementation. Your pre-integrated Private TS Data Cloud architecture may be up and running in weeks from order.

Availability and support

we offer redundancy, 24x7 support and communitybased self-service, service level guarantees for availability and performance.

Security and controls

VLANs, configurable firewalls, VPN and encrypted data in-flight and at rest, tiered user accounts, self-service configurations, user permissions, reporting and auditing.

  • Compute

  • Storage

  • Network

  • Monitoring

  • Application

  • DevOps


TD Data Cloud architecture provides accessible and scalable computing platform, include: instances and projects. TS DC gives you the flexibility to scale up or down your cloud capacity, powerful disaster recovery mechanism and reduce cost of hardware. The specially designed server and cache technologies—gives you exceptionally fast managed cloud hosting.

All Plans Comes with

In Aims Application Stack Platform, every cloud server on AAS comes with dedicated resources.
AAS lets you choose your Dev-Ops environment and deploy to your managed servers in just a few clicks.

Root/Admin Access

Full root access & dedicated IP address included with all vms.

OS Combination

Deploy Centos, Debian, Ubuntu, Windows operating system servers.

Your Own Cloud

Select your own cloud platform provider - Google, AWS, Azure, Ali Cloud for your app deployment.

Unlimited VM/Apps

Host unlimited no. of serevrs and applications without any hassel

Pay As You Go

Pay only the resources you consume with pay as you go method.

24/7 Support

All plans come with a 24x7 customer support at no extra cost.

API/Control Panel

With our API/Control panel you can quickly spin up, destroy reboot, reinstall your vm in just one click.

24X7 Monitoring

Enjoy the benefits of 24x7 monitoring of your servers absolutely free.

TS DC Built for All Businesses

TS DC Platform is designed for all kinds of business.
TSDC aims to efficient your daily process in Dev&Ops, development, and management.


Focus on creative coding instead of worrying about environment

Digital Agencies

Score more leads with optimized cloud hosting on your side


Reduce daily cost, stay away from your IT infrastructure Problems


Launch new ideas without incurring much overheads on Dev&Ops


Across 8 regions around the world with 24 different data centers.

Pricing Plans

Always know what you'll pay per month.

Note: All prices are in A$
Managed by TS Dev team : $2.50/day/VM extra

  • $35/mo

    CPU: 1

    RAM: 3.75GB

    Storage: 20GB

    Bandwidth: 1TB

  • $67/mo

    CPU: 2

    RAM: 7.5GB

    Storage: 30GB

    Bandwidth: 2TB

  • $132/mo

    CPU: 4

    RAM: 15GB

    Storage: 60GB

    Bandwidth: 3TB

  • $257/mo

    CPU: 8

    RAM: 30GB

    Storage: 100GB

    Bandwidth: 4TB

  • $487/mo

    CPU: 16

    RAM: 60GB

    Storage: 200GB

    Bandwidth: 5TB

  • $988/mo

    CPU: 32

    RAM: 120GB

    Storage: 480GB

    Bandwidth: 6TB

  • $2421/mo

    CPU: 64

    RAM: 240GB

    Storage: 640GB

    Bandwidth: 7TB

6 sec

Launch Cloud


Active Servers

24 hrs/7



Apps Running

Supported Infrastructures

Aims Application Stack is able to one-click deploy to multiple popular cloud infrastructures.

Permanent Free Addons

All TS DC corporate customer would have the following products for free.
The TS DC value-added products aims to reduce your daily business cost and make your process more effective.

TS Doc System is designed for tech mgmt purpose. This cloud system provides document editor, embed video, image resources management functions.

TS Docs

To manage, schedule, or facilitate daily tasks, support and related interactions with customers, prospects, and business process throughout the enterprise.

TS Task

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